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Diversified Innovation, 
Towards The World.

Jiangsu Qiyuan Group
Jiangsu Qiyuan Group as a research and development, production and sales modern diversified multinational corporation, has a comprehensive competitiveness among the forefront of the industry.
Jiangsu Qiyuan Group was founded in 1994. The headquarter lies in Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang, National Civilized City, in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone Center, adjacent to Shanghai, the international metropolis, a hour traffic circle covering such each large&medium-size city as Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing etc., International Trade Zhangjiagang Port close at hand, such a strategic location, well developed air, water and land transportation system.
The Company Introduction ---Qiyuan Towards The World
Jiangsu Qiyuan Group has seven manufacturing companies in China in China, and its industries cover precision welded pipe, precision high frequency welded pipe mill, cold rolled steel strip, high quality aluminum (copper) clad steel pipe (strip), oil pipe, Warehouse and logistics; there’s one welded pipe company built in USA; there’re the state-level Eastern Industry Zone, the Cement factories, the East Steel Company with an annual output of 50 million tons and the Galvanized Steel Company with 10 million tons etc..
Jiangsu Qiyuan Group sticks to the policy “ People-Centered”, with the best modern production facilities and standardized  enterprise management level, improving products’ high additional value unceasingly, expanding the enterprise development space and enhancing the enterprise strength. At present, domestic, Jiangsu Qiyuan Group covers an area of more than 350,000 square meters and has the standard factory-buildings of 160,000 square meters and 1000 staffs, with an annual output of welded pipes of 150,000 tons , cold rolled steel strips of 100,000 tons and precision high frequency welded pipe mills of more than 150 sets; Abroad, in Houston, USA, the welded steel pipe base of an annual output of 50,000 tons established, in Dukam Town, Oromiya State, Ethiopia, Eastern Industry Zone of 50,000 square kilometers built, and among, East Cement Share Company with an annual output of 700,000 tons in Fitch Town of Oromiya State. 
The product quality standard of Jiangsu Qiyuan Qroup in line with the international standard in the round, the company has passed ISO 9001:2000 quality certification, America Petroleum Pipe(API) product certification and CE approval. Jiangsu Qiyuan Group has successively won the honorary titles of “Jiangsu Province First-rate Rural&Town Enterprise”, “ Jiangsu Province High-tech Private-owned Enterprise”, “Suzhou City Excellent High-tech Private-owned Enterprise”, “ One of Zhangjiagang City Private-owned Top Ten” and so on. The products are awarded as many patents of invention. Jiangsu Qiyuan Group is honoured “Jiangsu Province High and New Technology Enterprise”, “Suzhou City Enterprise of Abiding by Strictly Contract and Being Trust Worthy”,

Industries Distribution--- Qiyuan Diversified Innovation !
Jiangsu Qiyuan Group has kept increasing Research & Development and strengthening test for products and has gradually become to a multinational corporation after nearly 20 years of development and innovation, forming a diversified industrial layout including precision welded pipe, precision high frequency welded pipe mill, cold rolled steel strip(sheet), high precision aluminum ( copper) clad steel strip ( pipe ), oil pipe, Warehouse and logistics, Eastern Industry Zone, the Cement factories and the joint venture etc.. 
In China, Jiangsu Qiyuan Group has kept strengthening its own advantages in steel pipe manufacturing field and striving to create “Qiyuan Brand”. 
Precision Welded Pipe: Zhangjiagang Zhongyuan Pipe-making Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Qiyuan Group, and mainly produces each kind of steel pipe, copper pipe, alloy pipe, oil pipe and other products and so on to have 20 welded pipe production lines with an annual output of 150,000 tons high precision welded steel pipes. Thereinto, refrigerator tubes and electric heating tubes are widely used in the heating pipes manufacture industries, such as, each home appliances, household electrical appliances, industrial equipment and Construction Machinery etc.; Precision Welded Pipes are widely used in the fields of vehicles, shipping, sporting goods, body building apparatus, medical apparatus and instruments, children''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s goods and household electrical appliances etc.; Oil Pipes are widely used extensively in the fields of oil, natural gas pipelines and casing tubes etc..
Precision High Frequency Welded Pipe Mill: Jiangsu Zhonggang Metallurgical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is the other subsidiary of Jiangsu Qiyuan Group, and introducing advanced equipment and technology, specializes in producing in each kinds of Precision High Frequency Welded Pipe Mills, possessing independent intellectual property rights,. Also, the company has such advantages of the products’ technique reasonable, pipe making high presicion, high-quality and good performance, high automation and up to the advanced international level, with an annual output of 150 sets of Precision High Frequency Welded Pipe Mills ranging from 4.76 to 710. The High Frequency Welded Pipe Mills are widely used in the manufacturing industries of many kinds of pipes, such as auto-motive pipes, motorcycle pipes, sporting equipment pipes, leisure products tubes, steel furniture pipes, each structural pipes, low pressure pipes , API pipes and so on.
Cold Rolled Steel Strip(Sheet): Both Zhangjiagang Zhongxin Steel Sheet Co., Ltd and Jiangsu Zhongjia Steel Co., Ltd are affiliated companies to have one set of four continuous cold mills and one set of five continuous cold mills, which are modern cold rolled strips production lines, with annual output of 100,000 tons of all types of size specifications of high precision cold rolled steel strips (sheets). The products are widely used in the fields of deep stamping sheets, pipe making, heat zinc substrate, steel sheet for electrical appliances and enamel substrates etc..
High quality Aluminum (Copper) Clad Steel Pipe (Strip): Jiangsu Longyuan Metal Technology Co., Ltd attached to Jiangsu Qiyuan Group, has three sets of high precision clad steel rolling lines and two sets of high speed pipe making machines and the complete production equipment, and specializes in manufacturing various types of Aluminum clad steel pipes(strips), copper clad steel pipes(strips) and all kinds of high-frequency steel pipes. The process quality and product quality has reached the international advanced level. The products are widley used in Power plants, Power stations’ air-coolers, heat exchangers, building decoration industries, machinery metallurgy, the manufacturing of automobiles and so on.
Warehouse & Logistics: Zhangjiagang Zhongcheng Logistics Co., Ltd, a subsidiary, has built up a Grade III riverway dock for steel transportation with two parking lots, which can be parked for 1500-ton ship. With a 197-meter shoreline, four 1500-ton ships can be at anchor together at the same time. Additionally, simultaneously, the yard takes up the land of 50,000 square meters and the standard warehouse occupies 10 thousand square meters land. The facility is capable of handling 1 million logistics services of steel strips, steel coils, ship plates, wood storaging/logistics/processing/distribution.
Jiangsu Qiyuan Group implementing the open strategy of Going in real earnest, makes bold innovations,goes abroad and  embraces the whole world to exploring a broader platform.
LQY Welded Tube INC: LQY was incorporated by Jiangsu Qiyuan Group in Texus, USA.  As our specialized welded steel pipe production base in USA, LQY Welded Tube INC has an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons. The products are widely used in industry eqyuipment, construction, automobile, ships, petrochemical engineering, sports facilities and so on.
Eastern Industry Zone: Eastern Industry Zone in Ethiopia is a unique trade and economic cooperation zones national level in China from Suzhou City to abroad, approved by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in Nov., 2007, subsequently approved by State Development and Reform Commission (SDRC), supported strongly by both governments from China and Ethiopia and also listed as Ethiopian Important priority project in the industry development plan by Ethiopian Government.
Eastern Industry Zone lies in the Dukam town of Oromiya State of Ethiopia, with a total area of 5 square kilometers, about 30 kilometers of distance to Babole International Airport of Addis Ababa(Ethiopian capital), and 850 kilometers away from Djibouti port. Eastern Industry Zone will be main bridge to join Chinese Industry Transferring and Overseas Processing Trade to many more Chinese Enterprises entering the markets of Africa, Middle East, Europe and USA. At present, the infrastructure construction four connections and one leveling are all in place inside Eastern Industry Zone. (Remarks: Nearly USD$65 million devoted completely, 2-square kilometer infrastructure construction completed and general industries&enterprises can be suitably stationed in). Now, more than 10 Chinese enterprises stationed has put into operation and wokrs very well, including East Cement, Zhongshun Cement, YuLong Technology, The Great Wall Packaging, L&J Engineering Manufacture, East Rent, East Hotel, LQY Welded Tube, HuaJian Shoes, Mustang Cars, East Steel, East Caigang and so on.
Zhongshun Cement as the first enterprise invested by Jiangsu Qiyuan Group to Eastern Industry Zone, went into operation in May, 2010, the total investment reaching USD$14.5 million dollars with an annual output of 250,000 tons.
East Cement Share Company invested mutually by China-Africa Development Fund Co., Ltd and Jiangsu Qiyuan Group, is the largest Chinese investment project in Ethiopia, the total investment reaching RMB?00 million Yuan with an annual output of 700,000 tons.
Advanced Talents’ Team---Qiyuan Full of Energy!
As the saying goes, chaos , heroes demonstrate their nature. The enterprise game is often compared dynamically to its talents’. Jiangsu Qiyuan Group has a powerful innovating team which is a main force propping the company development and will have kept introducing the higher technology and management professional talents from domestic and abroad to have built an advanced staff team which is measured by international standards in line with the pace of the market development forward. Jiangsu Qiyuan Group actively explores its own actual development including new material and new energy focused on, and is to take the initiative in meeting customers’ requirements.
Qiyuan Brand’s purpose : “Science and Technology Innovation for Development , High Performance Quality Reliability for Products, and Constant and Unceasing Pursuit for Customers ”. Qiyuan as an International Brand, enjoys a high prestige at home and abroad and its products are exported to North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, EU, Africa such over 50 countires and regions around the world.
Strive for in Chinese business culture of a century; set up Chinse most valuable brand “Qiyuan”. Being faced with varied competitive market, Jiangsu Qiyuan Group will keep the whole world in view, with innovation technology, innovation management and innovation thinking to achieve more brilliant tomorrow!
We are firmly convinced that: Better can we do for you!

Modern Office Environment
Beautiful environment and complete office facilities with the internal network, which is good for convenient and timely communication,

Testing Equipment
Testing center owes a complete range of testing equipment to perform such tests for mechanical properties, process performance and chemical element analysis to guaranteeing that our company make good quality products.


Our Qiyuan Oversea Company
LQY WELDED YUBE INC was incorporated by JIANGSU QIYUAN GROUP in Texus, U.S. in February 2008. As our specialized welded steel tube production base in U.S., LQY WELDED TUBE INC has an annual production capacity of 50000 mt.
The Eastern Industrial Zone successfully won the bidding for the Second Overseas Economic Cooperation Areas sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, China, in November, 2007. The Ethiopia Federal Government has taken the Eastern Industrial Zone Project as one part of the Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction Plan (SDPRP) and the most important priority in the plant of industrial development.
The Eastern Industrial Zone will act as the most excellent carrier of China industry transfer, will be the manufacturing center of overseas processing trade, will be the important bridge for Chinese enterprise entering into the markets of Africa Middle East and Europe, and will also be the show window of Chinese appliance science, technology and culture.
Ethiopia East Cement Share Company
Jiangsu Qiyuan Group Co., Ltd and China-Africa development Fund Co., Ltd signed the Investment Cooperation Letter of Intent on feb. 23rd, 2009 together to set up Ethiopia East Cement Share Company with the registered capital of U.S.$51.08 million and the total investment of U.S.$51.08 million. East Cement Share Company lies in Fitch town of OromiyaState of Ethiopia with the scale design of 700000 mt yearly capacity that is the largest Investment Entity project of China in Ethiopia at present.