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Jenny Zhang

Add: Xiangshan Road, Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China,P.C.:215632



All employees of Jiangsu Qiyuan Group cherish Qiyuan Brand’s reputation cultivated for so many years and all the honors have been achieved only through hard work on access to every client perfect satisfaction. The trust of our client will continuously motivate us to move forward to achieve even greater success in return.
Looking forward, Jiangsu Qiyuan Group Co., Ltd will continue to work on achieving the rapid growth of our steel pipe and pipe-making machine career. We will contribute ourselves more actively, more progressively, and more superiorly to the prosperity and development of the whole steel industry.  

We have completed the transformation from a traditional company to a modernized multinational corporation group. In return for the good faith of our clients and the society, all employees of Qiyuan Group will sincerely integrated our services and behaviors into the real demand of the society.